Have you ever been to a business and had to request that an employee manually start printing materials for their files? I know I have and sometimes it seems like more of a hassle than a helpful process. How about this for an example though: You want to print a presentation for two hundred and fifty employees. You get the presentation home, load it and immediately start going over it with your employees to make sure they understand what they are being told. Then you go and do the printing in the “safe” setting, which means the printing of the materials does not conflict with other processes at work. So you have the presentation on the computer, printed out and set to go but something goes wrong? Click here for more information about postgrid.

That is where automation comes in to save the day. Using an automation system, you can set up the software that will do all of the necessary printing for the team without having to worry about any print jobs. The automation system will already know what to print and what not to print based on the file format that is being used. In this scenario you have just saved the company hundreds of dollars by not having to hire more staff to do the same job that could easily be done by two people. Now that is automation working for you!

Automating your print server is simple when you use web-based printing services that send out print jobs automatically. Many companies have had great success by using a service such as SharePoint or Microsoft Office Web Apps for automating their print servers. These types of systems are easy to setup and will do most of the work for you, all you have to do is configure the settings to print on the network. You simply set up the print server, pick the files to print and then point the browser to the SharePoint or Microsoft Office Web Apps site to complete the job.

Most companies will not think of installing a print server themselves; however, if they have an IT department that has never done anything like this before it is well worth the expense. Using an automated print server means that the company will no longer have to pay a technician to install the print server on-site. This extra cost could very well be eliminated. Not only will the technician be paid to install the print server but he/she will also be paid to upgrade the server every so often. You may find after the first few times that it is actually cheaper to just let the automated system run on its own and just monitor the printers and print them yourself. Many printers require nothing more than a computer with Internet access to print.

There are many companies offering their own automated systems for printers and fax machines. These companies often charge a fee for their products. Most businesses will decide to go with one of these packages because it is usually less expensive. Some printers are also offered as part of the service package when purchasing a printer, however, these types of printers generally cost more because they offer more features. When you go with an automated print server system, you are getting the benefits of more features for a lower price.

If you are considering having an automated print server installed, you should consider doing your research before choosing a company. Most businesses that offer these services can be trusted. They can handle all of your paper needs and most times are able to get the job done within a reasonable time frame. An automated print system can be beneficial to a business especially if the company offers printing to multiple locations. However, it is important that companies know exactly what they are getting into before deciding to have one of these systems installed.

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