Mobile 토토사이트 gaming is not just restricted to smart phones and tethered laptops anymore. With an amazing array of features, online games for all sorts of devices are available today. Some of the top hits in the market today are: Old school runescape, Mahjong, Cardcaptor, Boggle, Crossfire, Elements of War, Defense of Wall Street, Farm Town and lots more. All of these games can be played without having to download anything and are extremely enjoyable.

Zombie Rollerz: Zombie Rollerz is probably one of the best online flash games for all mobiles and mobile devices. The zombie menace has invaded your town and you have to save yourself from them. Your only weapon is a machete and it doesn’t really do much good if you are also fighting a pack of zombies. You have to use your machete to split the zombies into smaller groups and kill them one by one. This is one of the best mobile applications in the market today.

Another exciting flash game is Fire emblem Heroes. It takes the story of the popular Disney film “The Lion King” and revives it into a game on mobile devices. Basically, your task is to save the town from the wicked king of fire. This is one of the most loved games by children as they can enjoy cutting down the number of fires while making the people in the fire safe.

Crossfire: Crossfire is another flash game that is immensely popular. If you have played the original version of this game then you will love the new version even more. In this game you have to lead your team of fighters through the maze to reach the goal. The fighters need to stay away from the marauding zombies who have an insatiable appetite for human flesh. The enemies have a weakness of eating fruits which can be procured using apples. The fighters can enjoy a delicious lunch at the apple orchard by collecting the required fruit.

One of the latest flash games is Doraemon: Explore the jungle with friends. This is the second release of the game and players are once again in the adventures of the cute minuscule critter named Doraemon. This time round, the game has been enhanced with the use of the Internet and the different networking sites. Players have the option of connecting with their friends who also have a taste for the game or enjoying solo play.

If you have loved the flash games before then you will definitely love them now. You can find dozens of games in different categories. If you are a kid the coloring pages and animals games are the best options. If you are into war strategy games then there are several choices in those as well.

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