The footwell module also controls the adaptive headlights. The footwell module is also the interface to the dashboard. At Essex Recon we test and rebuild your existing BMW FRM Module. There will be no need for coding once you receive the unit back from us when choosing the FRM3 repair option. The rain/light sensor measures the ambient brightness outside the vehicle. Depending on the ambient lighting conditions, the footwell module will switch the driving lights on or off.

Plus as a single 26 pin connector dedicated to the instrument cluster and dashboard, controlling features such as interior and exterior lighting. Failure of the FRM is a common occurrence across the entire BMW range. The footwell module is an electrical nodal point in the footwell on the drivers side. The footwell module picks up the signals from the doors and controls the lighting.

Programming will not be required after repair – all coding is retained during test and rebuild meaning that the unit is plug and play when you receive it back from us. UK customers, click here for shipping instructions post-Brexit. Simply put, a new Footwell module will cost at least 4X the cost of repair. To learn more, you can read one of our articles discussing this topic here. Below is a list of such problems that are caused by a malfunctioning FRM module. To store the vehicle order in the FRM, the vehicle must be going at 5 km/h or less with terminal-15 ON.

The position of the drive is reported back to the belt feeder controller by a Hall sensor in the drive. The end position of the extended belt feeder is recorded by another Hall sensor. The end position is indicated to the belt feeder controller. The belt feeder controller transmits both signals to the footwell module via the LIN bus. The actuation circuit is located in the footwell module.

Communications to the FRM unit will not be possible, but fault codes will be stored in other electronic control units. To control different lighting functions, the FRM uses different control units. The replacement module will undoubtedly fail due to the inherent fault not being worked-out at factory level, and will only come with a very short one-year warranty.

To do this, the automatic driving lights control must be activated (light switch in switch position ”A”). We offer a superior alternative – test and rebuild of your existing BMW / Mini footwell module within 2-3 working days. By choosing the FRM3 repair option there will be no need for coding once you receive the unit back from us, and we will provide an unlimited mile lifetime warranty as standard. It is a control unit in your car that regulates the lights and windows.

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