We depend on ad revenue to craft and curate stories about the world’s hidden wonders. Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. Livadia, Greece Symi Harbour This secret coastal village is studded with pastel-colored houses all piled on top of one another. Rodos, Greece Tsambika Monastery Scores of wax baby figurines add an unusual mood to this beautiful church on the Greek coast. Winged creatures migrate from the thickets and bushes of the Mediterranean, following the waterways to the humid Petaloudes Valley, more commonly known as the schmetterlingstal rhodos.

Loud noises will make them fly away, which means that they will consume valuable energy. That’s why visitors should strictly avoid any kind of disturbances, like whistling or hand clapping. A subspecies of the Jersey Tiger Moth unique to the island of Rhodes, Euplagia quadripunctaria rhodosensis is attracted to the valley by the scent given off by the Oriental Sweetgum trees that thrive in the area. Visit here https://rhodesoldtown.gr/

Additional flights to Greece are planned for next summer by Jet2 from Bristol and Newcastle airports, while at the same time, Jet2 is planning one more route to Cyprus and one to Malta. A list of the orchids of Rhodes, by George Pastrikos, a nature photographer and an empirical botanist. George has used a taxonomy which is up to date and in accordance to the newest literature but he has done some additions and modifications in order to adapt the list to his own observations in the field.

Outside of the office, I enjoy travelling, photography and enriching my knowledge with new skills. The ride will take you a bit more time than get there by car (45-50min). Services operate by DES RODA every day during the summer season (May-October) and depart twice daily. Buses begin from the central bus station at Mandraki harbor, right behind the New Market. Of course, your tour to the Butterfly Valley with your family will never be complete the Museum of Natural History. This museum is housed in the well restored Italian home of the 30s.

An excellent place for families with children who wish to enjoy the beauties of nature and examine the life cycle of butterflies as part of their summer holiday. The Valley of Butterflies (Petaloùdes,Πεταλούδες) is a natural park located at a distance of 23 km from the capital Rhodes. Belongs to a Natura protected zone together with Seven Springs (Eptà Pigès, Επτά Πηγές) and Mt. Profitis Elias2. It is the place where tiger moths of the species Panaxia Quadripunctaria gather in summer. This species of butterfly is common in the Mediterranean, in Europe and in Western Asia.

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