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However, there are some cons of ECU remapping as well, hence, it is very important to ensure that you get your car tuned by an experienced professional. A remapping then works by permanently altering the software to enhance torque and power. The values in the map are re-written, and undeniable evidence is left on the ECU. Today, technology is being used to pick this type of modification up automatically on the dealer diagnostic tool, immediately informing HQ – without even the need for the dealership to do so. Therefore, the manufacturer can see this and, of course, void the warranty. Cars are, largely, becoming smart devices with better fuel efficiency and more.

They will usually ask you what the power increase is in percent, and then let you know if they are happy to continue insuring you to drive the vehicle, and what the increased cost will be. There’s often an admin fee to make a policy change too, so bear this in mind. Remapping is often called Stage 1 tuning and comes as part of many stages offered by the tuning company.

Later stages tend to require more invasive work and provide fewer gains in performance per pound than the first stage. By changing the ECU software, the Small Business can perform a lot closer to its own maximum capabilities – often by increasing horsepower and torque by 20% or more! By default, most vehicles have their performance intentionally dialled down when they leave the factory for a multitude of reasons. Often this can be to meet emissions regulations, or economy or noise regulations. Modern vehicle engines are controlled by a computer known as the Engine Control Unit . This tiny computer controls aspects of the engine such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and boost pressure.

For some, 6 runs at a dragstrip without blowing up their engine is reliable enough. While a regular enthusiast still wants to enjoy at least 100,000 miles. If your priority is more power, then fuel-efficiency will drop after remapping. The whole point of a combustion engine is covert the energy stored inside the fuel into power. Not to mention, the car manufacturer also deliberately detune to engines in the lower variant and models.

But it shouldn’t affect reliability if you use a reputable company. There are two primary reasons for wanting a remap, and they’re called power and torque. When your car left the factory there’s a very good chance its performance was deliberately muted in order to meet product planning objectives or economy and efficiency targets.

This includes city drivability, throttle response, part throttle cruising, and power delivery. Increase in power– One of the most common changes ofECU remappingis to increase the power capabilities of the motor. This will allow the driver to accelerate much quicker, seeing an increase in 0-60 & overall top speeds. This will generally increase fuel consumption due to a noticeable increase in output. So even if you’re not fully up to speed on the remapping concept, the chances are you’ll know it’s a process that involves altering the software that controls how the engine delivers its performance. Simply put, it’s impossible to know exactly what remapping will do to your car and whether the strain of the extra power will cause undesirable changes.

These tools for reading and writing ECU files are quite expensive (around $4000). If you are not starting your own tuning business then it doesn’t make sense to invest in these tools. Some examples of these tools- Alientech Kess V2, Alientech KTag, CMD Flash, and MPPS.

For example, a standard version may have one motor for the front axel, and the more powerful version may have this same motor at the front as well as another one at the rear axel. If your vehicle only has the one motor, there is a good chance that there is a space at the rear for another one. This could be an easy way to quickly gain a lot of extra power. Ultimately, a tuning box is a temporary modification – benefiting those who do not own their car – while the remapping software will cause significant changes to the ECU. We suggest weighing up all options before opting for one above another. We’ll remap your car to provide better economy, this will save you money and can also increase performance.

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